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We excel at

shaping tomorrow's innovations.

designing brand experiences.

enabling today's technology.

bringing new ideas to life.

We bring entrepreneurship, innovation expertise and strategic vision to solve complex business problems.

We bring entrepreneurship, innovation expertise and strategic vision to solve complex business problems.

We excel at bringing ideas to life.

 Innovation (In`no`va´tion) is defined as the introduction of something new and contrary to established  customs, manners or rites. It drives entrepreneurs to greatness and corporate leaders to despair. 

 Failure rates are extraordinary. Success is elusive. 

Our Services

  • Business Model Exploration
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Concept Testing
  • Creative Production
  • Technical Architecture & Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile, Web, Tablet App Design
  • SharePoint Implementation
  • Brand Strategy & Storytelling
  • Design Research & Concepts
  • UX / UI Design
  • Product & Service Design
  • Outsourced Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Venturing
  • Alternative Funding

 We like to ruminate on innovation, tech, marketing, startups and the like.
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Our Thinking

 “Getting to the tenth dollar of revenue is very different than getting to the ten millionth dollar – it requires different people, methodologies and skillsets.”

Our Clients

The logos you see on this site are all companies and brands who have afforded us the honor of working with them. As you can see, they range from some of the world’s largest companies to small start-ups and non-profits. The common theme to our work has been described by one of our clients as “making the impossible possible” and by another as “doing things that other companies are still talking about – often after we have delivered extraordinary results.”

We achieve our success in the “new ideas” space where most companies and agencies struggle. Inevitably, not all our projects succeed, but 100% are executed with vision, creativity, speed and attention to detail. We recognize that “time” is the greatest enemy of innovation, so we work rapidly and we are not afraid to say, “No, this doesn’t work.” In fact, over the years, its hard to differentiate between the value we’ve created from the success of our clients and the value we’ve preserved by preventing them from pursuing lost causes.

 “Our biggest fear is that a year from now we’ll only be a year older. So, we build things – for our clients, for ourselves, and for the world.” 

What clients say about us

Nitzan Yudan

“BrandJourney’s partnership with Flat Club has been vital to the success of our business, and their expertise in growing e-commerce businesses was critical to accelerate growth and create a unique positioning in the market.”

Nitzan YudanFounder &
Tyler Kerr

“BrandJourney was integral to making the Loop the success that it is. They brought a consumer-grade experience and execution capability that rivals any of the big agencies.”

Tyler KerrSenior Manager, Digital CommunicationsVF Corporation
David Williams

“BrandJourney developed differentiated functionality for our customers that created effective competitive advantages in major market verticals. The speed to market they have achieved in implementing such advanced concepts has been  outstanding.”

David WilliamsStrategy Advisor, Microsoft Innovation TeamMicrosoft

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 We have clients that span the globe – from St. Louis to Shanghai. But, we call Virginia Beach, VA home. You’ll love to visit us – especially in the summer.


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