Socialization Turns the Marketing Funnel on Its Head

Socialization is delivering the first improvements in marketing productivity in decades.

The disaggregation of mass media has rendered the old “marketing funnel” model more and more difficult to drive adequate returns on marketing dollars. However, the explosion of social media has created an entirely new model that multiplies expensively acquired primary customers into masses of followers.

“To achieve the scale and influence benefits of socialization, you must build virality into your marketing, enable consumers to connect and use crowdsourced content to proliferate your brand.”

Digital Fight for Consumer Share of Mind

Consumers are developing virtual homescreens.

With the widespread use of smartphones and the onset of app-based desktops and tablets, people are developing virtual homescreens in their minds that reflect the homescreens on their devices of choice. These homescreens only have room for around 12 apps, and 9 of the spots are already taken.

“With over a million Apps already available, yours needs to meet a real need or desire in a unique, easy-to-use way.”

The Relationship between Scale and Influence: A New Paradigm

Until around 2010, brand scale led to brand influence. Then, social networks turned the marketing world upside down.

Mass marketing was an efficient way to generate brand awareness for years. The Internet fragmented mass media, rendering it less efficient. But it was social networks that changed everything. Early adopters and key influencers can be the lightning fuse for socializing your brand growth. But beware – they can destroy your brand in 140 characters.

“Key influencers talking about your product gives consumers the confidence they need to buy something new.”

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