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Examiner.com: BrandJourney Venturing to launch online pet owner’s community

Cats and their pet parents are taking over the Internet and professionals and companies who wish to interact with them are responding to the growing demand for reliable information and useful products. Victoria Simpson, Marketing Coordinator at BrandJourney Venturing states,

BrandJourney Venturing is an innovation company that works with global companies to bring innovative ideas to life… [They] recognized the need for pet owners to have a community where they can connect with pet owners like themselves and have a trusted community of pet professionals.

With this in mind, BrandJourney Venturing is launching Petocracy, a new pet-related online community, on Saturday, February 23, 2013, with the goal of being, “THE one-stop community for cat and dog owners.”

Petocracy will provide helpful tools and answers to cat questions (both cat and dog, but this article is about cats) from veterinary professionals and pet industry experts, as well as a platform for pet parents and Petocracy’s professionals to interact with each other. They plan on focusing on health and wellness issues and training and grooming tips. Resident experts, “every day pet professionals,” like Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DVM, owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists and the veterinarian of Cat Fancy’s Ask The Veterinarian, will offer advice and answer pet-related questions. Because Petocracy will grow in order to meet pet parents’ needs, Simpson says they’re, “currently implementing a plan to allow pet professionals to submit their credentials for our team to review.”

The benefits of joining Petocracy are:

  • Belonging to a community online where pet parents may meet pet professionals.
  • The ability to ask questions and receive well-informed answers.
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow pet parents.
  • It’s free.

Petocracy will be organized so those who join will receive personalized content based upon the their cats’ issues and the questions they ask. This will be accomplished by utilitizing information pet parents provide in their profiles that will include details about their cats. In addition, the more cat-related questions Petocracy members ask, the more cat-related content Petocracy will offer. Plus, there are links and areas to start a conversation in various places so users may interact with fellow pet parents and resident professionals. An example of tailored content is if a pet parent has an overweight cat, her pet parent will receive information to help learn about weight loss and become a better pet parent.

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